TCP Integrity Line

Whistleblowing: Filing complaints and reporting misconducts

With the vision to become a leading Thai enterprise on the global stage, TCP Group focuses on conducting our business with integrity, accountability and transparency.

TCP Integrity Line is a channel for all of TCP Group’s stakeholders to report a misconduct or file a complaint for incidences and behaviors which are non-compliant with the Group’s code of conduct, including corruption, so that we can take proper actions on such matters.

  • All of TCP Group’s stakeholders such as its employees, business partners and customers can file a complaint when they found or acknowledged or reasonably suspected of a misconduct or misbehavior which does not comply with the company’s regulations, code of conduct and good corporate governance and may jeopardize the integrity and benefits of TCP Group.
  • TCP Group’s employees may initially inform their supervisor a misconduct or misbehavior which they found, or directly file a complaint through the TCP Integrity Line.
  • Complaints will be treated as strictly confidential.
  • The reporter who is TCP Group’s employee will not be punished or terminated or harmed should the complaint is filed with integrity.
  • The reporter who is an external stakeholder will be exempt from legal actions from the company if the complaint filing is done with integrity.
  • Post : Send your mail to Internal Audit Department 288 Ekkachai Rd, Khlong Bang Phran, Bang Bon, Bangkok 10150
  • Email :
  • Online : via this website. Please click on the button “Create a case” below